Das ver-rückteste Team

Ich bedanke mich beim einem ganz tollen Team, nämlich bei dem Dürr & Beier Team, dass es nur einmal auf der ganzen Welt gibt, in Nöttingen! Super Abend und Super Überraschungsparty !

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  1. buenas tardes profesora me encanta toda la informacion que publica en su blog, es muy interesante, queria preguntarle si tiene algo para planificar para 4to grado para el cvomienzo del año escolar, muchas gracias.

    Von http://www./ | 4. November 2016

  2. Amen. I’ve flown WAY more than is good for me (maybe a million and a half miles). It’s gotten so bad that I just don’t want to fly any more.#1 son was just talking about the road trip he and I took to bring our car up from Atlanta to Boston, and how we should do it again. There isn’t any flight that comes close to being memorable that way.One that *is* memorable is the time I flew with #2 son to see my folks, and he got wanded down. Shoes off. He was 4. Dostoyevsky would have recognized the petty bureaucracy.

    Von http://www./ | 14. November 2016

  3. The lashes look really good.I have never tried bottom ones.always afraid they are going to feel funny or i will be able to see them.lol.your look really nice so I may try the bottoms sometime.Are the bottom ones individual or a strip?

    Von sofortkredit trotz arbeitslos | 8. Februar 2017

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